I am Michael, the founder of nCommon.  nCommon is a social networking app that makes life much easier for other people who have relocated to new areas and want to make new friends and also for those who just want to meet new people locally that have the same interests.  I know there are several social networking sites out there where you can connect to millions of people, but what sets nCommon apart is knowing you are connecting with strangers who share your same platonic interests and that removes the hesitation and the uncomfortableness of meeting new people.

As we get older and time passes we become wrapped up in our careers and forget to maintain our friendships.  Most people will stay home rather than take a chance and putting themselves out there to meet new people.v I think this is why it’s hard to build new friendships and maintain them.  As I tell you my story, you will get to know me, and hopefully you will learn the story behind nCommon’s simplicity.


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